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Staff@Work Survey

2020 Staff at Work Survey Infographic.pngThe Staff@Work Survey™ annually asks staff (both represented and not-represented) to contribute their anonymous feedback about perceptions of their workplace. The survey is the first of its kind in the UC System.

The survey has been statistically validated to measure 6 key dimensions concerning:

  • Satisfaction with the University
  • Department Mission and Goals
  • Department Diversity and Climate
  • Department Effectiveness
  • Supervisor Effectiveness
  • Employee Effectiveness

An additional 24 items ask respondents to indicate whether or not they have experienced any of a set of negative interpersonal behaviors, including behavior related to their race/ethnicity or gender.  People are also provided with items allowing them to self-identify their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and other demographic categories.

S@W and CUCSA Survey

The Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) survey provides a high-level snapshot of the views, experiences, and needs of policy covered staff on a range of topics related to working at UC.  The S@W survey drills down and is actionable at the unit-level.  For example: stats show 60% workforce not engaged (Gallup).  The Staff@Work survey looks into what specifically can be done at the ground-level to improve this.

2020 Results

The results from the Staff@Work™ survey will enable UC San Diego department heads and Vice Chancellors to assess a climate baseline for their respective units, implement department specific interventions, and track progress.  


Download the 2020 Staff@Work™ Infographic (PDF)

Staff Recognition

34 staff members were mentioned a total of 5 or more times for their exceptional work and contributions to a positive work environment.  Click here to view the full list (PDF).