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Tritonlytics vs Qualtrics Surveys

What's the difference?

Tritonlytics™ Survey Platform

UC San Diego has been using this service for over a decade to deliver and report on more than 100 campus and Vice Chancellor level surveys.  Unlike many online survey applications that are geared for deploying ad-hoc and one-time simple surveys, the Tritonlytics™ platform provides an organization with the ability to deliver validated and customized surveys year-over-year (annual assessments) in a way that properly maintains and reflects the historical nature of that data in light of changes to the organization over time.

A useful survey is more than just about asking questions - it’s about asking the right questions in the right way so as to elicit the kind of answers that will transform and benefit your business. A thoughtful business question drives the appropriate analytical approach which in turn, provides meaningful data and actionable information. 

Qualtrics Survey Tool

The Tritonlytics survey platform is used for year-over-year trending and benchmark data for employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys, whereas Qualtrics is used for ad hoc campus-wide surveys and department-specific surveys and analytics.

Our Qualtrics certified analysts make it easy for managers to know what to do and provide an organizational dashboard view plus a division-level drill down. For those who already have a Qualtrics account and would like to send your own survey, we can build the survey for you in Qualtrics for your use and provide support with data analysis.