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Tritonlytics administers and provides analytics for the Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey, Student Satisfaction Survey, and the Staff@Work™ Survey to other universities in California, two non-profit organizations, and three cohorts outside of California.


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Artificial Intelligence

Tritonlytics™ provides a variety of ML based solutions, from sentiment classification models, to named entity recognition (NER), summarization, and ad-hoc theme discovery.

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Tritonlytics operates within the Strategic Consulting, Assessments, and Analytics (SCAA) division of UC San Diego's Human Resources Department.  We work with clients to help them understand and improve organizational performance and key processes. We maintain expertise in organizational performance measurement, statistical analysis, business intelligence tools, and social science research.

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Core Surveys

Engage Employees

The Staff@Work Survey™ is a validated instrument specifically designed for higher education to obtain anonymous feedback on workplace climate and equity, diversity, and inclusion at the university, department, and unit level. This survey is the only one of its kind in the UC and CSU System.

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Improve Customer Service

The Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey provides strategic focus and direction for department leaders, guided by feedback from faculty and staff on what is working well and what needs improvement to reduce administrative burden.

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Enhance the student experience

The Student Satisfaction Survey is designed for the student customer. Department leaders use the feedback to improve administrative services and experiences so that students can focus on their learning and education.

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