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Benchmarking Program

Our Benchmarking Program grew organically when we began sharing our process and best practices with our University Community through conference presentations and informal consulting. Now, the Tritonlytics Benchmarking Program serves a growing list of members dedicated to transparent discussion of their own results and best practices. The Benchmarking Program is ever-evolving, with standardized survey items included on the Staff@Work and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. We provide clients with multiple benchmark levels, beyond those available from other survey providers.

  • Internal benchmarking compares internal processes or climate within a single university. Considers culture and a shared environment that may impact results across departments and units. Internal benchmarking asks, "how are we doing over time?"
  • Functional benchmarking allows for comparisons across clients but matched on same or similar university functions and services.  What we have in common is public higher education.  For example, Parking may have the lowest score but they can learn what is under their control and what may be communicated better or where service may be more consistent. In real life, this is where sharing best practices is prompted by seeing others results.
  • Collaborative benchmarking allows for client-to-client comparisons of services or climate across departments and units.  

Community members have the opportunity to systematically review how they are progressing internally, setting goals and celebrating strengths, they are able to share their results and see others and share best practices for improvement, and they can do this at the functional unit level, where benchmarks are EXPECTED to be different.

Tritonlytics Community members share benchmarked survey results and best practices for:

  • Setting customer (faculty, staff, student) service goals
  • Improving faculty and staff engagement and job satisfaction
  • Setting community and diversity climate goals and expectations