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Inclusive Excellence

 UC San Diego is committed to creating a climate that is inclusive and welcoming and encourages respectful and open dialogue.


2019 and 2021

Tritonlytics completed an overhaul of the three major campus-wide surveys (CSS, SSS, and S@W) to be WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant. Although not a requirement to do so, we have enhanced our surveys to be fully accessible, removing any barriers that are preventing users with disabilities from accessing and interacting with our surveys (examples - color and clarity contrasts for color blindness or sight limitations, seizure safety, text alternatives, adaptable content, keyboard free navigation for physical disabilities, and more). In addition, we run SiteImprove to ensure our survey websites are ADA-compliant.

April 2020

OSI partnered with VCEDI and faculty groups to design and deploy our first campus-wide Academics@UCSD Survey to identify and address strengths and opportunities to understand, track, and improve faculty and academic experiences.


"Since 2019, I have been working closely with the Tritonlytics team to improve the screen reader accessibility of the campus surveys. Before getting in contact with the team, I recall that just one survey would take at least 3 hours to complete. I would put off completing any UC San Diego surveys because I knew that they were tedious to navigate with a screen reader. However, I just completed the "Staff at Work" survey for 2021, and that survey took me 20 minutes to complete because the heading levels and button labels were all implemented correctly. I am really proud of all of the amazing enhancements that the team has implemented to improve the accessibility of their products, and I look forward to completing future surveys sent from Tritonlytics."  

- Jimmy Cong, Disability Specialist for the Office for Students with Disabilities at UC San Diego

Taking the Surveys

If you are using screen-reading software (e.g., JAWS), please use table navigation. You are also encouraged to email the UC San Diego Office for Students with Disabilities( that provides assistive technology.  We recommend that you use a computer or laptop device to take the survey.  The questions may not be displayed properly on a mobile phone.