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About Staff@Work Survey


staff at work survey logoThe purpose of the Staff@Work Survey is to understand how staff feel about working at UC San Diego, and about a variety of specific topics concerning your work setting.

It measures department and leadership performance from the employee’s perspective and provides valuable data for improving the work environment.  The survey is conducted annually and will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


The Staff@Work survey is important, and there is a strong expectation that staff will participate.

  • All staff are invited to take the survey regardless of their interest or disinterest in participating (unless hired immediately before the survey is distributed).
  • Your feelings about your work environment can be central to the performance of the department, and higher rates of participation help to ensure that we are collecting the most valid data.  
  • Units participating are Academic Affairs, Advancement, Chancellor’s Unit, Chief Financial Officer, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Health Sciences, Marine Sciences, Resource Management and Planning, Research Affairs, and Student Affairs.

Starting in 2015, other universities began participating in the Staff@Work survey. This means your responses not only positively impact UC San Diego’s efforts to enhance the workplace climate, but also contribute to an expanding benchmarking study which is benefiting higher education as a whole. 

Taking the Survey

  1. Check your inbox on August 16, 2023 for your invitation and unique survey link.
  2. If you can't finish the survey all at once, click the Finish Later button. Your responses will be saved from where you left off. Be sure to keep your original email to re-enter your survey. If you delete your email, you cannot be sent another one.
  3. Complete the survey by September 29, 2023.  Once you submit the survey, you will not be able to return to make any changes.

 2023 Schedule

Announcement:  August 9
Survey Launch:  August 16
Reminder Emails: August 23 and 30
September 6 and 13
Survey Close:  September 15 - Extended through Sept 29!


Employee lists for most departments were issued as of May 16, 2023.

  • If you changed departments on or before this date, you should respond to the survey items for your new department. If you changed departments after that date, you should respond for your old department.

Please contact your survey administrator below regarding your eligibility or if you did not receive an invitation to the survey.


Sept. 14, 2023 Update:  TOTE BAGS ARE SOLD OUT!

As a token of our appreciation for your time, you can select one of the following UC San white UCSD towel grey UCSD mug Diego gift items: mug, towel, or tote bagGifts may be redeemed between August 16 and October 13, 2023 from the Bookstore.  Selection is limited to stock on hand and while supplies last.  white and grey UCSD tote bags



After you complete the survey, you will see the link to view and download your gift voucher and unique barcode.  Save your gift voucher and barcode to redeem your gift

If you would like to send one representative from your department to redeem the gifts, please have everyone's gift voucher with barcode ready to provide to the Customer Service rep at the Bookstore.


Contact for help or questions.