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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tell us how we're doing. Help us help you.

The annual Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey has been used at UC San Diego since 1994, originally to provide key metrics to inform Balanced Scorecards for performance management in core business units across campus. We survey in a university setting to know if we are helping to support the mission of the university. As business units, these are the questions we should regularly be asking ourselves:

  • Did we help a researcher spend more time in their lab (i.e., rather than track down policies and fill out confusing forms)?
  • Did we help a faculty member concentrate their efforts toward their student's learning (i.e., rather than hours spent on processing administrative paperwork)?
  • Did we enhance a student's overall experience (i.e., rather than stressing them with red-tape, hoops, and waiting in lines)?
  • Did we help an administrator focus on their most mission-critical work (i.e., rather than getting bounced around from desk to desk to get an issue resolved)?

The survey is service-oriented and is in keeping with Goal 5 of UC San Diego's Strategic Plan. It asks customers to provide feedback on their overall satisfaction (i.e., are we courteous, knowledgeable, and available to you?) and asks customers if business units are meeting their needs. Customers are also able to provide their comments and offer special recognition to business units/departments or individuals who have provided exceptional customer service. A "customer" is any stakeholder of UC San Diego's mission and success. Academics, administrative staff, and students are all customers of the services that are provided by campus departments. Business units hold themselves accountable by taking action on customers' input and communicating changes based on their feedback.

2023 Results

2023-UCSD-CSS-Inforgraphic.pngInteractive results for each department can be viewed here.

Download the 2023 Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey Infographic (PDF).