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Services We Offer

UC San Diego’s Tritonlytics award-winning survey delivery system and analytics platform provides a secure and scalable means for both deploying enterprise surveys and the business intelligence required to make informed decisions based on the data collected from them.   

The Tritonlytics survey delivery system and analytics platform is a proven and cost effective solution for any higher education organization interested in making informed business decisions based on the sentiments of faculty, staff, students, and customers. 

Unlike many online survey applications that are geared for deploying ad-hoc and one-time simple surveys, the Tritonlytics system provides an organization with the ability to deliver validated and customized surveys year-over-year in a way that properly maintains and reflects the historical nature of that data in light of changes to the organization over time.  

View our services below to learn more about optimizing your department’s service and effectiveness through the use of these instruments.



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