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About Tritonlytics

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Tritonlytics(TL) operates within the Strategic Consulting, Assessments, and Analytics (SCAA) division of UC San Diego's Human Resources Department, focusing on campus-wide initiatives.

The Tritonlytics team specializes in comprehensive surveys, advanced analytics, and strategic consulting for higher education. They administer three key surveys: Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey, Student Satisfaction Survey, and Staff@Work™ Survey. TL also offers consultative services for customized campus-wide surveys and reports. Collaborating with universities in California, non-profit organizations, and multiple cohorts outside of California, TL supports assessment, analytics, strategic planning, and improvement initiatives at the department and university level.

The Tritonlytics Business Intelligence (TLBI) team excels in Full Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, and Analytics. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, TLBI creates robust web and analytics applications and utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to derive insights from complex data sets.


Our mission is to enable the transformation of data into insights and accelerate inspired action.  We inspire organizations to transform and improve their employee and customer experience through insights provided by state-of-the-art assessments, analytics, and AI that clearly inform actions, track progress, and drive best practices. 

The Tritonlytics team supports improvement, planning, and assessment initiatives at the department and university level. We use processes and tools developed within our own Tritonlytics brand to:

  • Assess customer and staff satisfaction and campus climate
  • Analyze results and provide actionable reports
  • Act by consulting with units to take steps towards making sustainable improvement

All survey tools are built in-house, with full control of the system application and data. The Tritonlytics team generates reports and performs advanced statistical analyses to help leaders identify opportunities for improvement and optimize operational effectiveness.

Download the Tritonlytics brochure (PDF)