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Customer Satisfaction Survey: Winner Circle

All survey participants who complete the survey are able to select a gift from the UC San Diego Bookstore.  They are also automatically entered into a raffle to win a grand prize which varies each year.  Could YOU be the next winner?


Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

$100 UCSD Bookstore Gift Card

  1. PrabhakarBandaru
  2. Sandra Chavez
  3. Anthony Slay
  4. Michelle Tellez
  5. Maria Valdivia Leiva 
  6. Jing Zhang
  7. Scott Calderon
  8. Kelley Rivers
  9. Laura Uribedunn
  10. Melanie Miley

Grand Prize - Virtual Yellow Belt Training

  1. Mary Roberson
  2. Izabel Caetano Francy
  3. Anne-Marie Hageny
  4. Shannon Milligan
  5. Holly Kerrigan


Cecelia Tran Amazon gift card winnerCecelia Tran

Programmer Analyst, Enrollment Management

$75 Amazon e-gift card winner










Melissa Pulido Amazon gift card winner

Melissa Pulido

Lead Custodian, Facilities Management

$75 Amazon e-gift card winner









Jennifer Donovan Amazon gift card winner

Jennifer Donovan

Public Services Assistant, Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library

$75 Amazon e-gift card winner








Christine Peterson Amazon gift card winner

Christine Peterson

Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

$75 Amazon e-gift card winner







Bryan-Bishe-Triton Cash Prize Winner.jpg

Bryan Bishe

Postdoctoral Scholar, Food and Fuel for the 21 Century

$100 Triton Cash card winner






 Cecelia-Ansalone-2019 Bookstore Prize Winner.jpg

Cecilia Ansalone

Postdoctoral Scholar, Medicine

 $100 Bookstore gift card winner






 Iliana-Molina2019 Bookstore Prize Winner.jpg

Iliana Molina

Director, Shiley Eye Mobile

 $100 Bookstore gift card winner




  Wendy-Wang-2019 Triton Cash Prize Winner.jpg

Wendy Wang

Senior Statistician, Pediatrics

 $100 Triton Cash card winner







 Angeline Yang_2018 CSS Grand Prize Winner.JPG

Angeline Villanueva Yang, EdD

Director, Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS)

Co-coordinator, UC LEADS

Diversity Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention

Graduate Division, UC San Diego


Kirsten Thomas_2017 CSS Grand Prize Winner.jpegKirsten Thomas

Recruitment Specialist for Housing Dining Hospitality

"I feel that the Faculty & Staff Customer Satisfaction survey is an incredibly important tool to recognize the great work that is being done by great people all over campus.  I work with many business partners from departments outside of HDH and this survey allows me to highlight the exceptional service I receive from others every day.  Of course each department has opportunities to improve efficiencies and this is a tool where we can share suggestions for service enhancements.  I hope that all of our staff members will use this resource as a way to provide valuable feedback so that we can share our appreciation for one another."



 Peter Hevezi_2016 Grand Prize Winner.jpg Peter Hevezi









 Vicente Cabrera_2015 CSS Grand Prize Winner.jpgVicente Cabrera

Landscape Technician for FM/Landscape Services

"I decided to take the survey because I think it’s important for everyone as a customer to have a place to express their opinions and feelings toward services, products, and experiences. Unfortunately, I hear a lot of negativity towards surveys and such from people with the belief that some of these surveys fall on deaf ears. Whether that be the case or not, I believe someone needs to tally these surveys so therefore someone will see the concerns and/or praises. I expressed my opinions and ratings in the hopes that change would be made where needed and recognition would be given accordingly. I hope I was able to help."