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Actions Taken

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We won't know if we don't ask. 

Academics, administrative staff, and students are all customers of the services that are provided by campus departments.  Every individual on campus has a personal stake in the mission and vision of UC San Diego. 

The dashboard below highlights actions that have been taken on the top 3 opportunities revealed in the 2022 Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey to provide key metrics for performance management in core business units across campus.


For managers:

→ Monitor and track trends from prior year.
→ Encourage directors to discuss the results with their teams and have a facilitated session to discuss the results and actions they can take to make improvements.
→ Communicate the results and action plans of the survey as widely as possible - via website, email staff members recognized for excellent customer service.
→ Regularly communicate the linkage between the actions taken throughout the year and the survey ("we heard you").