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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Academic and Staff 

The Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey at UC San Diego assesses over 70 departments and administrative areas across campus. Academics and staff are invited to participate in this annual survey to rate their satisfaction on standard, benchmarked customer satisfaction questions, and provide open-ended comments on what is working well and suggestions for improvement. Respondents can also recognize a department, team, or individual who has provided exceptional customer service.

Each year unit-specific process improvement suggestions are obtained with the survey and acted upon through continuous improvement projects or six sigma initiatives. Since the survey is administered annually, department leaders are able to track trends and monitor progress over time.

Over a dozen universities and hundreds of service areas within the UC, CSU, and other universities outside of California are participating in the Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey. These universities are members of the Tritonlytics benchmarking program and share data, resources, and best practices among participants with the collective goal of improving higher education administrative services.


The Student Satisfaction Survey is used by leaders to specifically understand the needs of their student customers.  By measuring and taking action on feedback from student customer satisfaction, departments are supporting the creation of an agile and sustainable infrastructure by ensuring dedication to a people and service-oriented culture.