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Custom Surveys

Tritonlytics Surveys

Tritonlytics logoTritonlytics develops surveys in partnership with various departments at UC San Diego using our in-house survey delivery system and analytics platform. 





Transportation Survey Comprehensive survey on commuter trends, preferences, and perceptions to help us understand commuting behaviors. Faculty, Staff, Students
ICU Family Satisfaction Survey Gathers opinions of family members' ICU experience in an effort to improve care provided to family, friends, and neighbors. ICU Patient's Next-of-Kin
Capital Program Management (FD&C) Survey Collects feedback about the services received from departments in support of the delivery of capital projects. Faculty, Staff




Qualtrics Surveys

qualtrics logoIn addition to the Tritonlytics survey platform, we offer custom surveys through Qualtrics for UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students. 





Hillcrest Campus Residential Interest Survey Conducted to assess level of interest among faculty and staff in a proposed Hillcrest housing development and to determine what would be the most important factors to consider in its planning. UCSD Faculty, Staff
HDH Student Housing Survey Conducted to assess the level of interest among sophomores, juniors, and seniors in a proposed student housing development and to help determine what would be the most important factors to consider in its planning. UCSD Undergraduate Students
Real Estate/HDH Future Campus Retail Survey Part of the new long-range development plan (LRDP) for the Hillcrest campus to explore the possibility of building on-campus rental housing. UCSD Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students
Campus Transformation Survey To assess campus opinions regarding current and pending major campus construction projects. UCSD Faculty, Staff, Students
Human Resources Review Survey Conducted as part of OSI’s systematic review of UCSD HR. UCSD HR Staff
VC EDI Five Year Review Conducted to obtain campus community input as part of the comprehensive 5-year performance review for VC EDI. UCSD Faculty, Staff, Students
Rady School of Management Strategic Plan Survey Conducted as part of OSI’s systematic review of RSOM’s Strategic Plan. UCSD RSOM Students and Alumni
Teaching and Learning Commons Climate Survey Conducted to assess climate relating to equity, diversity and inclusion within the Teaching and Learning Commons. UCSD TLC Staff
Sponsored Project Office Analysis Surveys Conducted as part of OSI’s systematic review of OCGA, HSSPPO and SIO OCGA as part of an effort to enhance service. UCSD SPO staff and stakeholders
UCOP Curtailment Proposal Survey Conducted to allow the UCSD community to provide feedback on the UCOP curtailment proposal. UCSD Faculty, Staff, and Students
Animal Care Program COVID-19 Safety Survey Conducted to assess staff knowledge and compliance with best safety practices related to COVID-19. UCSD ACP Staff

Return to Learn Student Survey (distribution and verbatim analysis only)

Conducted to understand student situation and challenges related to UCSD’s return to on-campus learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. UCSD Students

Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship Survey

Respondents' experiences with the CASP program and suggestions for improvement UCSD CASP staff, students, alumni, families, and community partners

Research and Innovation Strategic Planning Staff Survey

R&I staff assessment of current strengths and opportunities within the department R&I Staff

CPM/DDS Advocates for Racial Justice Survey

Assessment of perceptions of equity, diversity and inclusion within the design and construction industry in San Diego and at UCSD UCSD CPM/DDS Staff

Enterprise System Renewal Survey

Assessment of satisfaction with recently updated financial information system processes and applications UCSD Faculty and Staff

Faculty Survey on Funds Flow Redesign

Assessment of satisfaction with current Health Sciences faculty compensation model

UCSD Health Sciences Faculty