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Ways to Leverage IdeaWave 

How can I use IdeaWave? 

Crowdsourcing enables collaboration internally across departments and externally with other institutions and the community.

Benefits include:

  • Sourcing Ideas
  • Generating Momentum and Engagement
  • Gaining Buy-In at all Levels
  • Building an Innovation Pipeline
  • Creating KPIs and tracking ROI


  • Create virtual collaboration spaces/classrooms for students
  • View when students log in, browse, or submit/participate in discussions
  • Foster discussion through commenting to recreate classroom dialogue
  • Use as a documentary repository/video library or for sharing materials with students
  • Use as a communication tool to email all students or subset of students
  • Receive confidential tests or projects from students


  • Set up a private space to replace an in-person meeting
  • Invite any size group
  • Replicate meeting dialogue by commenting and providing feedback on submissions
  • Communicate through the tool and send emails and reminders
  • Engage with participants 24/7
  • Identify discussion themes and popular submissions
  • Share relevant documents, videos, and links in one convenient place
  • Submit ideas for sensitive discussion topics confidentiality


  • Set up a campaign to replace a student org meeting
  • Get ideas and converse with your peers on important social or academic topics
  • Get your study group together online to share ideas on project topics
  • Keep documents and conversations safe and secure long-term for future group use

Health System Employees

  • Communicate and consult on cases (no PID)
  • Share best practices and problem-solve
  • Put a challenge out to a target audience
  • Get feedback from department/team on strategic planning goals