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Customer Satisfaction Survey:

General Information


The annual Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction Survey has been used at UC San Diego since 1994, originally to provide key metrics to inform Balanced Scorecards for performance management in core business units across campus. The purpose of this survey is to establish an objective framework for continually assessing the effectiveness of campus administrative services.  


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Thank You!

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Grand Prize

You will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one of five $75 Amazon gift cards and a pair ofAmazon Gift Card Apple Apple AirPods Pro.jpg AirPods Pro after you COMPLETE the survey.  Winners will be announced after the survey closes.  Respondents may only win once.

Taking the Survey


All faculty and staff are eligible to take the survey.  You can log in to the survey by entering your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.  Individual responses are confidential and no responses will be connected with individuals.
One of the most important reasons for doing whole-population survey and allowing respondents to choose departments to rate maximizes the chances of getting large enough sub-samples to create meaningful recommendations at the department-level.  If you did not receive an invitation but would like to participate in the survey, please contact

2022 Schedule

  • Survey opens on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.
  • Reminder emails will be sent on October 25, November 1, November 8, and November 15, 2022.
  • The last day to participate in the survey is Wednesday, November 23, 2022.
Visit and log in using your Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.

Definition of a “customer”

A "customer" is any stakeholder of UC San Diego’s mission and success. Academics, administrative staff, and students are all customers of the services that are provided by campus departments such as Payroll, Parking, Police, the Bookstore, Shuttle Services, etc.  Every individual on campus has a personal stake in the mission and vision of UC San Diego. 

In order to build a service-oriented culture that views how a service is provided just as important as what is being provided, we ask administrative departments to ask themselves questions such as:

  • Did what we do today help a researcher spend more time in their lab (i.e. rather than deal with confusing administrative paperwork, etc.)?
  • Did we help a faculty member focus more time on their teaching and educating their students (i.e. rather than wait on hold on the phone to get a question answered for something they need, etc.)?
  • Did we help an administrator focus on their most mission-critical work (i.e. rather than spend half a day waiting for critical documents to be processed, etc.)?

Your valuable feedback on the survey enables departments to know if they are achieving these goals and as such, all employees at UC San Diego are valuable customers, as well as colleagues.

Open-ended/verbatim Questions

The comments that you provide are CONFIDENTIAL.  However, you are urged to be cautious in providing information that can potentially reveal your identity (e.g. I am an Asian female who just passed my probation in the dept.).

Finishing the Survey

If you cannot finish the survey all at once, you can return to it at a later time by clicking the Finish Later button. Your responses will be saved from where you left off. Once you click Submit Survey, your survey has been submitted, and you cannot return to make any changes.

 The last day to participate in the survey is Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (11:59 PM).

Protecting your Privacy

The Academic and Staff Customer Satisfaction survey is an official UC San Diego survey. Your personal information, limited to your name and email address, is used strictly for sending the survey invitation and reminder messages. Such information is only accessible by survey administration staff. 

Responses to the survey are confidential.  “Confidential” does not equate to “anonymous.”  Anonymous (i.e. the Staff@Work Survey for instance) means there is no way we can know who responded to which survey questions. Confidential means, technically we are able to identify the respondent, and department leaders will have access to survey data but not to information identifying individual respondents.  It remains private.  

Any identifiable information that is obtained in connection with this survey will remain confidential. Your privacy is protected according to the University of California privacy and security policies. This information will only be disclosed when required by law.

If you have any further questions regarding confidentiality, please contact


In 2019 and 2021, Tritonlytics completed an overhaul of the three major campus-wide surveys (CSS, SSS, and S@W) to be WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) compliant. Although not a requirement to do so, we have enhanced our surveys to be fully accessible, removing any barriers that are preventing users with disabilities from accessing and interacting with our surveys (examples - color and clarity contrasts for color blindness or sight limitations, seizure safety, text alternatives, adaptable content, keyboard free navigation for physical disabilities, and more). In addition, we run SiteImprove to ensure our survey websites are ADA-compliant.

If you are using screen-reading software (e.g., JAWS), please use table navigation. You are also encouraged to email the UC San Diego Office for Students with Disabilities( that provides assistive technology.  We recommend that you use a computer or laptop device to take the survey.  The questions may not be displayed properly on a mobile phone.

Survey Results

Approximately one month after the survey closes, departments will receive a copy of their survey results.  At the beginning of the Winter quarter, Organizational Assessments and Strategy (OAS) will meet with VC areas to review results.  Results will also be posted on the Tritonlytics website. 

The 2021 survey results can be found here.

To learn more about results and actions taken from past survey results, visit the Actions Taken page of our website.  The results from previous years of conducting the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) have helped participating departments use data to prioritize initiatives and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Contact for more information.