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Survey Design


A survey is a technique that involves collecting information from a selected group of people to describe, compare, or predict their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. 

Attitude and behavior is a two-way street

Surveys allow a way to understand people’s attitudes, feelings, and behaviors.  How we feel about ourselves as a department will impact how we treat our customers and how customers feel about departments will affect their behaviors. 

It's not just a questionnaire.  A survey also requires:

  • Selecting populations for inclusion
  • Pre-testing instruments
  • Determining delivery methods
  • Ensuring validity
  • Analyzing results

Keep in mind

  • Plan-in quality along the way.  No GIGO
  • Think of ways to keep respondent mistakes and biases to a minimum
  • Are you asking what you need to know, not "nice to know" questions?
  • Goal is for high response rate with valid data

Flow highlighting three questions to ask yourself before creating a survey









Resources for Tritonlytics Community members

  • Download "Population and Sample" (PDF)
  • Download "Rules for Designing Survey Questions" (PDF)
  • Download "The 5 P's for Online Surveys" (PDF)
  • Download "Communicating CSS_Presentation by UCD" (PPT)
  • Download survey design templates (Survey Design Templates folder)