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Action Planning Tools


Discussing the meaning of the survey results with leadership and staff is the first step to developing and implementing action plans and setting goals.

  • Ask what these results mean to them. Were there any surprises? Were there any particular cases or exceptional situations that may put the results in context?
  • Is there a common understanding of what the questions mean?
  • For the Strengths/Primary Opportunities scatterplot graph, look at the overall picture. With a continuous improvement mindset, this chart helps you identify opportunities for process improvement. There will always by areas identified in the “Primary Opportunities” Quadrant. Look: Is the overall mean score of Primary Opportunity already at or above 4.30 (i.e. “excellent?”)  Be realistic about the ROI of investing resources to making these scores even higher. No action may be acceptable.
  • Be sure to look at patterns across time as well as the current year.

Resources for Tritonlytics Community members

  • Download "Survey Accountability Loop" (PDF)
  • Download "Examples of how leaders can set goals and report their accountability" (PDF)
  • Download various action planning templates contributed by Tritonlytics Community members (Action Planning Folder)


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